Barbed bees!

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    (News broadcast): [Father]: Jim! [Jim]: Yes daddy? [Father]: Have you heard the new Barbed Bee dolls? [Jim]: Um, daddy, I haven't! [Father]: Well, they're alot like Barbie do- [Jim] I DONE LIKE BARBEE! [Father]: Sorry... I forgot. Anyway, its like the... Um... "Doll You Don't Like" (While saying this Jim is shaking in anger) But its full of nails and barbed wires, plus bees! (Jim's face turns normal again and smiles) [Jim]: ......YESSS! YES FINALLY! I'VE WAITED ALL MY LIFE FOR THIS! [Father]: Yeah! Stupid Barbies! (Jim rips Father's head off and throws it away, roasts his body and eats half of it, and puts his brain in a container.) [Jim]: Now that I have the brain, I can finally build him! HUMPHREY! [Humphrey]: Yes? [Jim]: Raise the platform! (Lightning strikes) [Jim and Humphrey]: It's ALIIIVEE! (Monster is a barbed bee doll).
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    Geez, I'm sorry for this, guys

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