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  1. oscar

    oscar Moderator Staff Member

    I am a cannibal. I have a burning passion for oreos. I am eating oreos as I type this.

    GoOD dAy tO YoU SIr!
  2. flyboy675

    flyboy675 Super Moderator

  3. Chyrona

    Chyrona SpawnBuilder

    I just ate breakfast with my placebo family... everything is covered in butter. Even the water. Stirrrr it innn.

    Gud dai 2u zir!
  4. Themarioman

    Themarioman title.txt Staff Member

    I ate mushrooms...

    why is chyrona purple
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  5. Chyrona

    Chyrona SpawnBuilder

    I ate these mushrooms called "Pfiffetlinge" and they were craaaAAAAAAAAAaay. Sauteed in butter, or course.
    Chyrona gained five pounds!
  6. gross
  7. rhinorun1

    rhinorun1 Member

    I have a strange sensation to eat Justin Beiber. I won't even have to worry about the balls, CAUSE THEY'RE GONE!
  8. Chyrona

    Chyrona SpawnBuilder

    Gone, implying a past presence?

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