Protecting Your Builds - Now With Video!

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    I leave it in your hands to protect your builds. If you do this correctly, only you and those you authorize will be able to place or break blocks in the area you designate.

    A lot of this is taken from the WorldEdit wiki:

    First you have to select the area you want protected.

    Making selections

    A cuboid is like a 3D rectangle. In WorldEdit, you select the region by setting two points of a cuboid.

    Get the selection wand with //wand. This gives you a wooden axe.

    Select the wooden axe.

    Set Point 1 by left-clicking a block.

    Set Point 2 by right-clicking another block .

    To make your selection grow vertically the command is //expand (number) up or //expand (number) down


    //expand 10 up
    //expand 50 down

    - expands your cuboid 10 blocks up
    - expands your cuboid 50 blocks down

    Creating a Protected Region
    Now that your cuboid is selected you need to set it as a protected region with the /region claim command.
    /region claim MyRegion1
    /region claim LittleHouse
    /region claim OMGPonies

    The ID is the name for your region, and can be anything that isn't already used. It will create the region and set you as the owner.

    "Awesome, I can build here and not get griefed! Hey, wait a minute my friends can't help me build now, wtf?!"
    You'll need to add your friends as members of your region to let them build in your newly protected area.

    /region addmember (region name) (player1) (player2) (player3)
    /region addmember dirtydirt1 SynMonger NewPlayer Ilurvponies1994

    If you need to remove friends from the list it is much the same:

    /region removemember (region name) (player1) (player2) (player3)
    /region removemember dirtydirt1 SynMonger NewPlayer Ilurvponies1994

    To see it in action, check out the video:

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