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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nintendogizmo, Aug 6, 2013.


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  1. Keep the same!

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  2. Turn on keepInventory!

  3. Set to normal!

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  5. Normal with keepInventory!

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  1. Nintendogizmo

    Nintendogizmo Member

    I'm not sure who's running the server, whether it's Syn or Lego, but this is ridiculous. The server used to be on easy mode, as indicated as you stop starving after reaching 5 hearts. It also had the gamerule keepInventory set to true.I understand this was to easy before, but now it's to hard. With the difficulty set to hard (since you are able to starve to death) and with the gamerule keepInventory off, it's no longer fun. The server is just rage fuel. On hard, creepers have larger explosion radius, spiders can spawn with potion effects, you can be poisoned, zombies can break wooden doors, and mobs deal greater damage. If we must stay on hard difficulty can an admin, mod, or Syn come on to do /gamerule keepInventory true? Better yet, why not set the server to Normal difficulty? At the moment, the server is hard but in a cheap way, not a fair way. Let's set the server back to when it was fun to play.
  2. Chyrona

    Chyrona SpawnBuilder

    I'm just happy the server is back. I think it's nice to challenge myself to play the way the game should be played, otherwise it becomes a mindless sandbox sans strategy.
  3. rhinorun1

    rhinorun1 Member

    Yeah i'm with chyrona. But I don't really want the difficulty to change, Keep inventory would be nice. But I really don't want sethome either, makes it more of a challenge. I'm glad the server is back.
  4. Legoboy22

    Legoboy22 Moderator Staff Member

    Meh. all I care about is stetting a home without a bed .-.
  5. Nintendogizmo

    Nintendogizmo Member

    I'm not saying remove the challenge, I agree the server was too easy before, but now its ridiculous. The server isn't fun at night, and I'm sick of cowering in the corner in my house instead of being able to go out into the world and fight. I feel that we should have normal mode, or hard with keepInventory. And you can change keep Inventory in game with "/gamerule keepInventory true" so all we need is a mod or admin on to do so (though someone needs to be set as one first).

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