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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by oscar, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. oscar

    oscar Moderator Staff Member

    So I got to be able to trade some stuff for a nice sexy looking Tour of Duty ticket, So I thought to my self..."It would be awesome to play MvM with some fellow synmongers....If you guys can get a ticket or wanna play MvM with me post your tag and telling me a time and if you can get a ticket...I may be able to get another ticket or two.
  2. MinerMan675

    MinerMan675 Guest

    Are you talking about TF2? I don't really know what MvM is. But yes, I have it.
  3. flyboy675

    flyboy675 Super Moderator

    First oror, I traded a load of crap for somethin, and you still owe me Half Life :p I might be able to try again, but who knows.

    P.S. He doesn't "have" it, I installed it on the computer he plays on for my little brother.
  4. pansagestar

    pansagestar New Member

    MvM is mann vs machine
  5. Chyrona

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  6. pansagestar

    pansagestar New Member

  7. pansagestar

    pansagestar New Member

    how do you even get mannvmachine
  8. Nintendogizmo

    Nintendogizmo Member

    Mann vs. Machine is free. Click Boot Camp for free play. You can buy tickets from the store to get items from the game.
  9. pansagestar

    pansagestar New Member

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